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6 Ways to Find Your Dream Job

Getting a job involves thoughtful manoeuvres and finding a job that is a precursor for a career is not as easy as it seems. The hunt for job seeking starts when you are at the final year of your college. Getting through placements is a huge task but that’s not the end. We all have dreams and we don’t want to settle down with any opportunity that comes our way. Landing into your dream job requires certain skills and attributes which makes you stand out from the crowd. The reason is there are gazillions of people out there who are seeking for the same job and the only thing that requires you to bring into the table is unique, creative and innovative ideas which will help the company to flourish.

Teaching profession does not exclude when it comes to having these traits or qualities. Nowadays, finding a teacher’s job is not that easy. You should be keen towards working in educational programmes to be a great mentor or a guide.

So, here are some of the ways to discover and land into teaching profession

  1. A well-knit plan: an organised plan in selecting teacher jobs and you should have an idea when and where to apply. Job portals like www.educator.oneare there which is exclusively for teaching jobs across India. A shift from one place to another can also help you since that place would have comparatively more job openings.

  2. Professional resume: A professional resume or a profile sums up everything about your personality. Make a professional resume that highlights important things like your strengths, weakness, objectives etc. and make it effective in order to get selected. Since schools receives thousands of resumes in a day, it is important to make it appealing to get noticed by the interviewer.

  3. Prepare prior to interview: A preparation before the interview would be helpful to come across as a confident and relaxed person. Nowadays, the interviewers focus more on the skills and abilities rather than asking questions such as “where do you see yourself in the next few years’’. They want the candidate to be accustomed with the lecture planning, innovation, class administration etc.

  4. Highlight your forte: The application should incorporate all the skills including any special skill or talent. For e.g., if you know any foreign language or have a flair for writing or are good at extracurricular activities, make sure that it comes to the notice of the interviewer. It is an added advantage to consider you in the first place. The portfolio should cater to the requirements of the school so it is important to highlight these things

  5. Networking: Social media sites is also a great platform to fulfil your dreams. The more you develop contacts, better are the chances of widening opportunities. It is also important for you to be well versed in ongoing technological advancements and develop contacts through them.

  6. Subbing: Being a sub introduces you to meet the faculties and other people from various schools. This helps you in developing contacts which can help you in finding a permanent teaching position.

The teaching profession is a rewarding career that let’s you get close with various pedagogical ways which would open different learning avenues for teacher as well as students. So, if you are a person who is keen towards gathering knowledge, dive into this world which would definitely help you to flourish and polish your teaching abilities.