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Looking to hire From Dec 2019 Full Time Coordinator and Marketing Head School - Utkarsh Foundation School, Bhagalpur

Utkarsh Foundation School

Bhagalpur Full Time Primary School 12 Sep 19

Key Skills : Coordinator And Marketing Head


·       School Coordinators will be expected to be released from other duties in order to ensure this role is allocated sufficient time to attend planning, evaluation and networking meetings


·       Assisting with identifying and recruiting potential Mentor Teachers.


·       Coordinating Field Experience information and submitting information to the Field Experiences staff.


·       Coordinating in-school placement arrangements.


·       Coordinating the arrival of Student Teachers and orientating them to the school environment, staff and students


·       Facilitating the inter-classroom observations.


·       Facilitating and monitoring the Whole School Project requirement.


·       Providing leadership in the ongoing development of the Collaborative Schools Model principles.


·       Organize students into teams.


·       Act as liaison between parents, students, administrators and teachers.


·       Provide many materials (spontaneous books, videos, handbooks)..


·       Be available by phone or e-mail almost any hour of the day or night (only a slight exaggeration) to help solve any problems you may be having.