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Urgent Part Time Vocal and Instrumental Music teacher Music Teacher - Ashwini International, Pimpri

Ashwini International

Pimpri Part Time ICSE School 01 Jun 19

Key Skills : Vocal And Instrumental Music Teacher

Part Time - Vocal and Instrumental Music Teacher

Urgent requirement for Full Time Music Teacher - Paramita Group of Schools, Karimnagar

Paramita Group Of Schools

Karimnagar Full Time High School 21 Nov 19

Key Skills : Music


·         Teach music courses to students including voice, tone, tempo and rhythm skills.

·         Train, rehearse and lead students in school and community musical programs.

·         Develop and maintain an effective music educational program for students.

·         Maintain lesson plans and instructional materials for students.

·         Recommend maintenances and repairs for musical instruments when necessary.

·         Planning, Teaching and Class Management

·         Teach allocated students by planning their teaching to achieve progression of learning through:

o   identifying clear teaching objectives and specifying how they will be taught and assessed;

o   setting tasks which challenge students and ensure high levels of interest;

o   setting appropriate and demanding expectations;

o   setting clear targets, building on prior attainment;

o   be aware of and make provision for students who are differently abled or who have other particular individual needs;

o   providing clear structures for lessons maintaining pace, motivation and challenge;

o   making effective use of assessment and ensure coverage of programmes of study; ensuring effective teaching and best use of available time;

o   maintaining discipline in accordance with the school's procedures and encouraging good practice with regard to punctuality, behaviour, standards of work and homework;


URGENTLY REQUIRED Full Time MUSIC Teacher - Jaish Public School, Azamgarh

Jaish Public School

Azamgarh Full Time High School 01 Mar 19

Key Skills : Music



Jaish Public School

Azamgarh Full Time High School 01 Mar 19

Key Skills : All Subjects



Urgent Requirement Full Time Western Music Music Teacher - Vega Schools, Gurgaon

Vega Schools

Gurgaon Full Time CBSE School 08 Feb 19

Key Skills : Western Music

The person should be able to (skill set) :

  • Teaches skills in music understanding/appreciation, harmony, explorations in music and choral music to elementary learners.

  • Plans/executes a balanced music program and organizes class time so that preparation, rehearsal and instruction can be accomplished within the allotted time.

  • Provides individual and small group instruction in order to adapt the music curriculum to the needs of each learner.

  • Encourages learners to develop individual musical skills to the greatest extent possible.

  • Utilizes repertoire of all types of music literature, including traditional and contemporary that are appropriate for the ages and skill levels of pupils.

  • Maintains care/responsibility for school-owned music, musical instruments and equipment to prevent loss or abuse.

  • Makes minor adjustments and requests repairs to instruments as required.

  • Evaluates each learner’s musical growth, performance, and musical understanding.

  • Assesses each individual’s contribution to the performance of the group.

Additional Related Duties/Responsibilities:

  • Selects appropriate music, books and instructional aids to enhance learning and requisitions musical instruments and instructional supplies as necessary.

  • Collaboration with peers in providing musical programs for PBL, school assemblies, open house, parent meetings and seasonal programs.

  • Communicates with parents and school staff on individual student’s progress.

III] Important qualities (competencies)


  • Communication skills: Discuss student’s needs and performances with learning leaders, parents, and administrators. Explain difficult concepts in terms that students with learning disabilities can understand.

  • Critical-thinking skills: Assess students’ progress and use that information to adapt lessons to help them learn.

  • Interpersonal skills: Regularly work with learning leaders, school counselors, administrators, and parents to develop Individualized Education Programs. Ability to build positive working relationships.

  • Compassion & Patience:  Treat children as unique individuals, respect their unique needs and encourage them

  • Resourcefulness: Develop different ways to present information in a manner that meets the needs of their students. Help learning leaders adapt their lessons to the needs of students with disabilities.


Urgent opening for Full Time Music Teacher - Ashirwad Global school, Hunasagi

Ashirwad Global School

Hunasagi Full Time CBSE School 31 Jan 19

Key Skills : Music

·         Introducing Indian Classical and also western to primary students

·         Develop Aural Skills of the students

·         Make Music a part of the daily activities in the school

·         Conduct the classes in a relaxed way