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looking to hire Part Time Preschool Teacher - Tulips Academy, Pune

Tulips Academy

Pune Part Time Preschool/Playschool 24 Jan 20

Key Skills : Preschool

Curriculum Planning: Create and Implement Developmentally Age Appropriate Curriculum that addresses Multiple Learning Styles. Plan, Prepare & Schedule Lessons & Exercises.  

Event Planning: Plan, Prepare, Schedule well in advance for Festivals / Birthdays / Field Trips / Study Tours / Sports Day / Annual Day / Picnics.

Creative Teaching:  Employ a variety of Educational Techniques (Storytelling, Educational Play, Media etc.) to teach children

Fun Activities: Organize and Lead Games, Arts & Crafts, and other activities designed to help students Learn, Expend Energy & Work in groups.

Story Telling: Read stories from age-appropriate books and encourage students to interact through creative feedback in group discussions.

Education Plans: Identify children with Potential Special Needs and develop Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs) for remedial attention if necessary.

Social Development: Help students integrate with one another and interact in groups, whether they’re working On Curriculum, Completing Tasks, or During Play Activities.

Personal Hygiene: Help Students understand the benefits of Personal Health Habits, Including Eating Nutritional Snacks, Washing Hands, Grooming & Dressing.  Help Students to be Potty Trained

Premises Hygiene: Ensure School Premises and Toys are Clean, Sanitized, & Orderly.  Ensure Toys for Usability, Safety & Allocate according to the Age Group specified and Discard any if needed

Serve Meals: Serve Lunches / Snacks to students in accordance with School & Daycare Policies and assist Students with cleaning up after mealtime.

Evaluate & Report: Evaluate Learnings & Behaviours in accordance with Government Policies; Keep Records and provide Parents or Guardians with timely Progress Reports.

Behaviour Issues: Identify Emotional Problems and Address them with the Parents or Guardians during Parent-Teacher Meetings or

Health & Medication: Any Health Concerns Observed during the day to be addressed to Parents or Guardians with immediate effect.  Medications to be provided only upon written confirmation from Parents or Guardians.  Medical emergencies to be addressed on Priority & Parents or Guardians to be informed accordingly

Lead Procedures: Keep Records of Attendance, Inventory, Receipts & Payables, Define, Refine & Implement Policies & Procedures for Daycare & Preschool.  

Store Supplies: Procure & Organize Supplies, such as Arts and Crafts, Story Books, Stationaries and other Learning Tools; assist Students in Gathering and Returning supplies Before and After Activities.

Professional Support: Work closely with School Staff, Counsellors / Psychologists, who specialize in Early Childhood Development and Behaviour Management Issues.

Teaching Assistants: Train & Supervise Teaching Assistants or Volunteers as appropriate and in accordance with Policies & Procedures

General Administration: Lead or Assist in Administration Activities (Enquiry Handling, Follow Ups, Tie-ups with Corporates / Schools / Societies / Event Management / Business Partners, Marketing (Online & Offline), Trade Fairs, Purchases (Stationary / Groceries / Medical), Repairs & Maintenance (Building / Furniture / Electrical / Plumbing / Any Other), Government Compliances  


urgent requirement for Full Time Preschool Teacher - Eurokids preschool - era bakery, balewadi, Pune

Eurokids Preschool - Era Bakery, Balewadi

Pune Full Time Preschool/Playschool 24 Oct 19

Key Skills : Preschool

  • Responsible for overall development and welfare of children in her class
  • Should have a pleasing personality, be sensitive to child's needs and courteous & gentle with them
  • Should be systematic and organize learning resources to achieve desired learning objectives; needs to ensure the curriculum and teaching methods are followed
  • Should possess classroom management skills, including decorating; updating and organizing the bulletin board contents
  • Should participate in planning and organizing school events, field - trips, parent-teacher meetings
  • Should be change initiator and flexible to new ideas and ways of working
  • Should be thoroughly aware of developmental milestones and would be responsible for observing the children in her classroom to ensure they are properly progressing
  • Should have good communication skills and is able to drive positive and constructive discussions with parents
  • Should be able to maintain the records as required by Eurokids like Logbook, observation book, stock register etc.