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Teaching Jobs

Looking to Hire Full Time Preschool teacher - Kangaroo kids international preschool, Ranchi

Kangaroo Kids International Preschool

Ranchi Full Time Preschool/Playschool 19 Jun 20

Key Skills :

  • providing a safe and stimulating environment that facilitates learning
  • organising and supervising play and work activities (for example reading, cooking, music, dancing etc)
  • liaising with parents, carers and professionals such as speech therapists and health visitors
  • maintaining records
  • monitoring and recording progress

Looking to hire Full Time english primary teacher - Maharana Pratap School, Ranchi

Maharana Pratap School

Ranchi Full Time CBSE School 01 Oct 19

Key Skills : English

we are looking for a person with good communication skills,able to handle junior section.

Immediately Required Full Time Primary Coordinator - Taurian World School, Ranchi

Taurian World School

Ranchi Full Time CBSE School 19 Sep 19

Key Skills :

The Primary Coordinator works with the team of home class teachers and subject teachers who, together, are responsible for the students' pastoral care, welfare, academic progress, spiritual growth. Coordinator oversees school curriculums and teaching standards. They develop instructional material, coordinate its implementation with teachers and principals, and assess its effectiveness.


Coordinator typically does the following:

  • Develop and coordinate implementation of curriculum
  • Plan, organize, and conduct teacher training conferences or workshops
  • Observe and evaluate teachers’ instruction and analyze student test data
  • Assess and discuss implementation of education standards with school staff
  • Review and recommend textbooks and other educational materials
  • Recommend teaching techniques and the use of different or new technologies
  • Develop procedures for teachers to implement curriculum
  • Train teachers and other instructional staff in new content or programs
  • Mentor or coach teachers to improve their skills

Coordinator should also possess the following specific Skills:

Analytical skills. Examine student test data and evaluate teaching strategies. They analyze the information to recommend improvements in curriculum and teaching.

Communication skills. Need to explain changes in the curriculum and teaching standards to teachers, principals, and school staff.

Decision-making skills. Must be able to make sound decisions when recommending changes to curricula, teaching methods, and textbooks.

Interpersonal skills. Working with teachers, principals, and other administrators is an important part of coordinators’ jobs. They need to be able to establish and maintain positive working relationships with others.

Leadership skills. Serve as mentors to teachers. They train teachers in developing useful and effective teaching techniques.