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Urgent Requirement, can be hired immediately Full Time administrator School leader, Vice Principal for primary students - RB INTERNATIONAL CONVENT SCHOOL, varanasi

Rb International Convent School

Varanasi Full Time CBSE School 16 May 20

Key Skills : Administrator

We RB international convent school looking for a admisnitrator who can manage the school completely. Classes from PG-VIII. School is following the CBSE curriculum.

Job Description

1. Interpersonal Skills and Relations2. Instructional Leadership3. Planning4. Management of Support Facilities5.  Finance Management6.  Human Resources Management7.  Time Management8.  Professionalism & Work Ethics9.  Organizational Culture10. Quality Eduction Management



Urgent Requirement, Full Time supervision School Administration Manager - RB INTERNATIONAL CONVENT SCHOOL, Varanasi

Rb International Convent School

Varanasi Full Time CBSE School 15 May 20

Key Skills : Supervision

We RB International Convent School just started in 2019, looking for Academic Professional Management Expert who can manage the school professionally and proficiently. Experienced candidates with relevant background in managing school operations, may apply with your detailed resume. School can Provide Accommodation.


Roles and Responsibility:


1> Evaluate and standardize curriculum and teaching methodologies


2> Recruit, dismiss, and train staff


3> Communicate with families


4> Lead practices for achievement of high academic standards


5> Meet with administrative communities, superintendents, and school boards as well as local, state, and federal agencies


6> Monitor financial affairs, including budgets and purchasing of school expenses


7> Conduct teacher and staff evaluations to ensure proper implementation of curriculum


8> Represent and maintain school image and reputation


9 Adjudicate appropriate discipline for delinquent students


10> Support faculty with training, enrichment, and goal-setting


11> Complete job functions on computers using online communications, spreadsheets, word processors, and other automated tools


12> Communicate with parents regarding failing grades or disciplinary issues


13> Supervise care of the facility for safety and quality of physical condition


14> Ensure compliance with local, state, and federal standards


15> Attend school-related events on weekends and evenings


16> Prepare for the upcoming school year during the summer






Urgently required Full Time Head Mistress - DALIMSS Sunbeam School, Varanasi

Dalimss Sunbeam School

Varanasi Full Time CBSE School 19 Jan 20

Key Skills :

The candidate must have an experience of leading a primary school, should have the ability to plan curriculum, should be fluent in English, well versed with CBSE pattern of teaching 


URGENT REQUIREMENT Full Time MATHS PGT - Sunbeam School, Varanasi

Sunbeam School

Varanasi Full Time CBSE School 06 Aug 19

Key Skills : Maths