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Looking to hire Full Time Play Group Nursery Teacher - Time Kids Preschool, Bangalore

Time Kids Preschool

Bangalore Full Time Preschool/Playschool 02 Jan 20

Key Skills : Play Group Nursery

Nursery school teachers, also called pre school teachers provide academic instruction and promote social development for children who have not yet entered Kidergarten. Pre School Teachers also focus on meeting the basic nutritional and safety needs of young children. Working with enrgeic youngsters and sometimes demanding parents can be challenge for teachers, so patience is a must. On the other hand, the rewards of observig the accomplishments of students in their charge can be quite motivating.


Degree Level:  High School Diploma, associate degree or bachelors degree in early child hood education.

Degree Field: NTT/Montessori/Early Childhood Care or Child Care.

Key Skills : Instructional/ Classroom Management, Verbal and written commuication skills. Creativity, patience. Use of Microsoft Excel, data entry.

Salary : 6000/month

Timings : 8:30am -3:00pm


urgent requirement for Full Time Play group Teacher - Venessa world school, Pune

Venessa World School

Pune Full Time Preschool/Playschool 21 Oct 19

Key Skills : Play Group

Urgent requirement Part Time Play group Teacher - Twinkle kids, Bangalore

Twinkle Kids

Bangalore Part Time Preschool/Playschool 12 Aug 19

Key Skills : Play Group

Immediate requirement for Full Time Play Group Teacher - Sportyze Tots, Ghaziabad

Sportyze Tots

Ghaziabad Full Time Preschool/Playschool 11 Jul 19

Key Skills : Play Group

Preschool teachers typically do the following:

  • Work with children in groups or one on one, depending on the needs of children and the subject matter.
  • Plan and carry out a curriculum that targets different areas of child development, such as language, motor, and social skills.
  • Organize activities so children can learn about the world, explore interests, and develop talents.
  • Keep records of the students’ progress, routines, and interests, and keep parents informed about their child’s development.
  • Employ a variety of educational techniques (storytelling, educational play, media etc.) to teach children
  • Guide children to develop their artistic and practical capabilities through a carefully constructed curriculum (identify shapes, numbers or colors, do crafts etc.)
  • Track children’s progress and report to parents
  • Communicate with parents regularly to understand the children’s background and psyche

Young children learn from playing, problem solving, questioning, and experimenting. Preschool teachers use play and other instructional techniques to teach children about the world.