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Google and YouTube's contribution to Revive Remote Learning in India

The downfall brought by the pandemic is deeper which would take years to revive the whole system and structure of the world to attain normalcy. This has created a huge setback for all the sectors dipping the flow of economy with a decline in the growth rate.

The closure of educational institutions has brought the collaboration via online a vogue to reduce the distance between teacher and students. The rate at which the consumption of online applications is witnessing a surge is benefiting the digital resources to increase their credibility and availability. The dependency on learning digital tools has bridged the gap between guides and pupils even without having a conventional learning ambiance.

There is an ocean of digital apps and websites available on the internet for various purposes. Therefore, Google and YouTube have also joined the club by introducing learning resources to help teachers and families to maintain continuity while they are at home

Google has launched a distance learning platform which is called teach from home for teachers who can teach remotely using google products. The features include video calls by using hangouts with a class, online quiz using google forums. They have introduced a teach from home toolkit which has learning resources to teach remotely

It is available majorly in English but there are toolkits available in German, Spanish, French, Italian, polish and soon they will introduce other languages as well.

Google has also instituted a distance learning course which includes an overview of the course, a well-designed plan for distance learning, the option to reach out to the class by using hangouts, and offline access to the materials. 

As a philanthropic arm, Google has started a Distance Learning Fund and has decided to contribute $10 million to aid the affected learning sectors. For instance, Google.org will give a $1million grant from the fund to Khan Academy to offer remote learning opportunities for students affected by Covid-19 related to school closures.

Youtube has Learn@Home which highlights educational channel that students can watch just by sitting at home. It is recommended for kids 13 years and above. They are also partnering with Khan Academy and other education-oriented creators to standardize the learning which include channels like Crash Course, Discovery Education, Cool School, PBS Kids and Sesame Street

It is available in English, Italian, French, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, and more in the upcoming days.

To maximize remote learning, many educational agencies and organizations are involved to create a platform which would not only advantage schools during the lockdown period but a new phase of learning would emerge in the post pandemic era.