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The Donts of Teaching

The previous article was about the strategies or methods to be adopted for an effective teaching. Here, the main focus would be on the practices a teacher should desist from. Teaching is a remarkable profession but not every teacher is going to fulfil your expectation level with their attitude. This profession needs you to maintain a calm and decency otherwise you will be enlisted in the ‘bad teacher’ category

A child’s future depends on the teacher and if the expectations are not met properly it gets really disappointing.

Here are some of the absolute don’ts of a teacher:

  1. Use of cell phone: Imagine a teacher who is always on the phone during class hours. These hours are precious and the students should be given the priority during the learning hours. So, the teachers are supposed to keep their phones aside for lectures to get not affected. Phones can create a bad impression on children as well because they would be more prone to use mobile phones of their parents with the reason that their teachers are also doing the same.

  2. Control Temper: Temper management is something which a teacher should learn. It is true that managing children for 6-7 hours is an exhausting task as anyone on this place would lose his temper. But one mistake can ruin the decorum of the classroom because never forget that you are the adult and your behaviour will stay in their mind for a long time

  3. Paying little attention: Give a break to all your social media and devote your time entirely on children. A teacher’s job is to take rounds in the classroom and help them when needed. It is the teacher’s responsibility to make the class lively and entertaining.

  4. Applying a single method: It is important to adopt different strategies while teaching. If you stick on to a one method policy, you’ll witness children least interested which divert their mind from learning. Come up with innovative methods because your one method might work for some students and for some don’t. For e.g., some children can understand things from worksheets but some only understands from the lectures. Therefore, bring a change in your methods more often.

  5. Monotony in teaching: It is not about what you present in the class but how you present it. Taking lectures like a robot without any expression or gestures will definitely put student’s into sleep. Try making classroom more interactive by discussions, asking questions etc which won’t kill the joy of learning.

  6. Focusing on the bright ones: Teachers often tend to give attention to the ones who are brilliant and smart. Partiality will lead to hatred among students for their teacher who are unnoticed and neglected.

  7. Having same lesson plans: Using the same worksheets or templates every year gets boring. Bring some innovation in your lesson plans and creativity to slow down the difficulty level.

  8. Dislike children: if you are a person who gets annoyed with children’s tantrums, then you are in the wrong profession. Teachers who hate children don’t deserve to be in this field.

It takes a great amount of time and hard work to gain respect from people but it only takes a nano second to lose it due to a bad conduct. So be careful with your attitude majorly when you have chosen this profession.